Our services cover the entire process, from planning the event, to on-site delivery of almost any form of accreditation, to access control management at the event.


If you don’t have the right accreditation system in place, allowing staff, contractors, volunteers and media to move around a large venue efficiently, can be a labor-intensive challenge.

Whether you need to vet hundreds of contractors at a single event or thousands of people across multiple sites, Magus gives you an incredibly efficient way to control access and know who is in your space at all times.

The Full Magus platform offers the following services online:

The Magus system allows for unlimited badge types and templates and can print them in either batch mode (one print file of all approved badges – ideal if you need to prepare badges in advance) or single production mode, allowing you to print individual badges at your convenience. We can link to any of the major ticketing companies, allowing staff badges and passes to be scanned at any mobile or permanent entry point.

Members of the media can register and upload credentials through an easy-to-use online form – your team can then use the system to accept or reject them, request more information, set their access control and communicate with them. Press are issued with their own secure and zoned photo badges granting them access to specific areas of the event. These services are available separately as Magus Media. Find out more about Magus Media here. 

Built for major events that require remote scanning of accredited staff, the Mobile Access Control solution (AMAC) module allows for real-time scanning, approval, and rejections on the spot. With secure logins users can quickly setup devices to check for pass validity, access level permissions, date and time restrictions, as well as cross check photos, names and pass types in real-time.

The Vehicle Access Permit module allows you to control which vehicles your supplier or applicants can bring into the venue, streamlining your vehicle access and car parking system. Registered event suppliers can apply for vehicle passes by registering the vehicle details, leaving you to approve or reject a permit request and assign appropriate zones and access levels and load-in/load-out times. Venue owners and health and safety officers have full admin access to view/schedule/edit permits to manage the load schedule. Mobile scanning of permits at security checkpoints gives you an update of who has entered and at what time.

Magus has a template-based module that allows you to send personalized messages via email and SMS. Messages can be sent to groups or individuals, and records are kept of who sent messages, and when they were sent. The suite automates the invitation, acceptance and rejection process for accreditation documents, and will send automatic reminders to alert applicants when documents are due to expire.

Magus allows you to create and edit separate group accounts for contractors – such as security, catering or maintenance – and assign a single point of contact for that group who can then import data, send invites, enter personnel information and control their own allocation of passes and zone restrictions. Administrators can allocate a set number of passes per group, and are able to monitor their usage in real time.

Magus allows you to set up unlimited application types within the system, such as “Press”, “Catering”, “Security”, “Contractors”, and “Players”. You can set physical access zones for application types and individuals. You can also define, and store records of all documents required such as work permits, visas, passports, security licenses, ID photographs and any other required supporting documents.

Capture everything you need for your guest to RSVP. Mark attendance. Make directions to the event available, using the integrated Google Maps service. Note things like dietary requirements.

Guests receive login details so that they can update personal information on their profiles and can access event information.

From your event management dashboard portal you can get a quick overview of your event statistics. This will give you a clear graphical indication on the RSVP’s received for your event, along with a summarised activity feed allowing you to see in real time who has responded to your event. Any additional fields specified for the event such as dietary requirements will also be listed as part of the activity feed and statistics.

Upload your RSVP business event service agenda, itinerary, or any other event documentation so that guests can have access to it via their online profile.

There is a dedicated event staff accreditation portal, with an easy 4-step registration process.

Contracted suppliers can also apply for their companies for the online Load-in/out scheduling.

Manage your guest contact list from one screen. You have full control to view RSVP responses and menu selections. Edit and change contact profile information as required.

An internal messaging service allows your guests to keep in touch. Quickly view email requests from your guests and respond promptly through your personal event inbox via email or the built-in SMS service.

A simple scan or search interface will allow guest to skip the registration queue and move directly to the badge collection point. Badges are printed in real-time with check-in. Staff with handheld scanners are available to assist with scanning in peak registration time.